Partner Search - FAQ

1. How can I search for my partner on Matrimonials? What are the search options available?

To search for your matrimonial partner you can use any of the following options: Quick Search allows you to quickly find partners on the basis of the country they live in, their religion, and age. The Smart Search option gives you more detailed search options. The additional search options include height, education, profession, marital status, whether they have children, complexion, etc. City Search allows you to find members in your own city, or in a city of your choice anywhere in the world. Keyword Search allows you to: (1) Find members with specific words in their profile; and (2) Get matches who share your lifestyle, hobbies and interests e.g. chess, trekking, movies, etc. Profession Search allows you to search for matches based on the profession you prefer your partner to be from. Photo Club lets you view photographs of members and then view their profiles. Keep in mind that not all members add their photographs. The Special Cases option allows you to search for physically/mentally challenged members. The Refine Search option appears after you have performed a search. Refine Search feature allows you to search for members based on photo availability, marital status, age, height, mother tongue, religion, country, state and city.

2. In what order are the partner search results listed?

The matrimonial partner search results get updated continually. The most recent matrimonial profiles are listed at the top so that you can view and get to know the newest members of Matrimonials. The 'Sort by' feature (available in most search pages) helps you choose the order in which your search results are displayed. You can choose any of the following : Last login date, Latest profiles, Age ? ascending order, Age ? descending order